Selected exhibitions

▹ Konstnaershuset, Stockholm 2023. 'Yesterday's You' (named after one of the sculptures). Exhibition curated by Ashik Zaman and Alida Ivanov.

Works from the sculpture group 'Find me at the surface', here seen with works by Thomas Carlsson and Mariana Silva Varela.

▹ Broenshoej Vandtaarn, Copenhagen 2023. 'Find me at the surface'. A collaboration with dancer and choreographer Olivia Riviere.

Olivia Riviere with the sculpture Ascend.

Us, 2023.

Yesterday's You, 2023.

Ascend, 2023.

▹ KKV-Bohus, Gerlesborg 2022. Stipend-exhibition with Helena Perminger, Lina Lundquist and Olga Nycander.

Performance Fatigue, 2022. Installation photos taken by Lina Lundquist.

▹Material Glitch. Goeteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg 2022. Graduation show.

Another Kind of Life, 2022. These works do not have individual titles. Installed with soundscape by Runa Rosgaard. The first two photos from the exhibition are taken by David Eng.

▹Significant. Gallery Rotor2, Gothenburg 2021. Solo show.

These works do not have individual titles. All photos are taken by Hanna Antonsson.

▹Small Sculptures. Sharp Projects, Copenhagen 2021. Group exhibition curated by Ilethia Sharp.

New Reef, 2017. Photo by Bjarke Johansen.

▹Skogens Konung. Kě±…lltorp, Gothenburg 2021. Off-site group exhibition.

Unkeeping, 2021. Photos by Hanna Antonsson.

Through aesthetics I (self-portrait), 2021. Photos by Hanna Antonsson.

Cute and well-organized, 2021. Photos by Hanna Antonsson.

▹Turning/Through/Teetering Grids. Gallery Monitor and Rotor2, Gothenburg 2021. Group Exhibition.

Fantasy of a job well done, 2021. In the second photo with works by Amanda Hellryd and Elin Alvemark. Works by Anders Walfridsson in the background.

Through aesthetics II (self-portrait), 2021.