With a background in literature, I have taken a sense of world-building with me into my sculptural practice. I work mainly with sculpture and fiction-writing, sometimes in combination and sometimes not. In my writing and in my sculptural work I have worked with similar themes of aliveness, the abject and the relationship between humans and their surroundings. At the moment, I am interested in arrangements and combinations of different elements (works and props) rather than singular artworks and in combining visual signs from different aesthetics to think about what aesthetics contain, and how that changes with use and context.


▹MFA in Fine Arts. Valand Academy of Art and Design, 2020-2022

▹MA in Modern Culture. University of Copenhagen, 2016-2019

▹Project course in literary writing. Biskops Arnö Författarskola, 2016-2017

▹BA in literature. University of Southern Denmark, 2011-2014


▹Untitled Space, Shanghai. Jinze, China. 2018

▹Kammari Residency, Treis Elies, Cyprus. 2018

▹Heima Art Residency. Seydisfjordur, Iceland. 2017